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Ellitron Computing provides information and papers on immunoassays, as well as software for the biostatistical analysis of data from immunoassays, especially limiting dilution assays. For a comprehensive history of limiting dilution assays and analysis, please refer to the review chapter available on the Papers Page. However, I would like to pay tribute here to some of the original investigators who published papers on limiting dilution assays:

E B Phelps, 1908 LDA of bacteria
A Cunningham, 1915 LDA of protozoa
M H McCrady, 1915 binomial model for LDA
M Greenwood and G U Yule, 1917 Poisson model for LDA
H Clark, 1927 LDA of viruses
H B Hewitt, 1958 LDA of tumor cells
T Makinodan and J F Albright, 1962 LDA of immunocompetent cells
E Barbarese et al, 1983 LDA of neurocompetent cells

I would also like to acknowledge and express my thanks and appreciation to those investigators who contributed, either directly or indirectly, to the research reported in the papers available from this website. I have listed them here, together with their current affiliations, in chronological order of my initial contact with them:

K G Mann University Vermont, College Medicine, Department Biochemistry
F C McDuffie Emeritus, Mayo Clinic College Medicine, Division Rheumatology
J C Cerottini Ludwig Institute Cancer Research, Lausanne Branch
H R MacDonald Ludwig Institute Cancer Research, Lausanne Branch
H Engers World Health Organization, Tropical Disease Research
D J Finney Emeritus, University Edinburgh, School Mathematics
C Carnaud Universite Pierre Marie Curie, INSERM, IFR65 IRSSA
C B Begg Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dept Epidemiology/Biostatistics
W F Taylor Emeritus, Mayo Clinic College Medicine, Division Biostatistics
E C Lattime UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Division Surgical Oncology
J Ware Harvard University, School Public Health, Department Biostatistics
C S Reiss New York University, Department Biology
R A Miller University Michigan, Department Pathology, Geriatrics Center
R G Titus CSU, College Veterinary Med Biomed Sci, Dept Microbiol/Immunol/Pathol

...with apologies for any of my memory deficits and unintended omissions or mistakes which I will be happy to correct. I also wish to express a special thanks to Ken Mann who taught me the importance of rigorous analytic methods in experimental science, and to Rich Titus who kept interest in ELIDA Software alive during the years when the internet and web was not what it is today, ie, when it was a much more onerous chore to distribute copies of software on floppy disks.

Ellitron Computing website and software Copyright © 2005 Carl Taswell